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    Camalu —> Colonet —> Mike’s Sky Ranch —> Valle de la Trinidad —>  The Goat Trail —> Cava de Queso —> El Tule —> Horsepower Ranch

    Day 2 will begin with more beach time after breakfast at Old Mill, heading north to Colonet before turning east towards a climb to Mike's Sky Ranch.  After traversing through the rugged Sierra San Pedro Martir Mountains, we will drop down in to Valle de la Trinidad for a feast of some of the best Baja tacos.  We will then ascend the famed Goat Trail back into the highlands and skim the pine forest as we loop back towards Ojos Negros.  Dinner will be served at La Cava de Marcelo (Cava de Queso) in Ojos.  After dinner, we will ride one final leg to El Tule to soak in the sunset overlooking the city of Ensenada.  Day 2 will conclude back at Horsepower Ranch for drinks! 

    Mike's Sky Ranch
    One of the most iconic and historic off-road destinations in all of Baja, Mike's Sky Ranch has been visited by endless racers and explorers.  Just about any race course passes through Mike's Sky Ranch in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by wilderness.  The ranch has not changed much over the last 75 years.  Always friendly to travelers, the rustic accommodations and ranch style food have been enjoyed by generations of off-road families that frequent the area.

    Valley de la Trinidad
    On Day 2, we will stop for some of the best tacos in the region at Asadero El Ranchero.  Valley de la Trinidad is located of Highway 3 in between San Felipe and Ensenada.  With only slightly over 100 houses and 3,000 inhabitants, Valle de la Trinidad is a traditional agriculture town surrounded by lush fields of cilantro and tomatoes.  This unique valley is a perfect off-road pit stop situated in a mountainous area full of amazing trails.

    The Goat Trail
    Another iconic trail in the Baja off-road racing, the Goat Trail is an steep and bumpy grade outside of Valle de la Trinidad.  The technical nature of this obstacle has gained a reputation for being a dangerous test when taken at high speeds during races.  Even at a moderate speed the Goat Trail offers a challenging ride for any off-road vehicle.  This is a must-do trail for any UTV enthusiast.

    La Cava de Queso
    Located in Ojos Negros, the Cheese Cave is a slice of culinary paradise. The beautiful ranch was settled by the Ramonotti Family in the 1800's and still carries on the old world food traditions of the past. The cuisine includes everything from steaks, lengua, an array of seafood, deserts and of course homemade cheeses.  The exceptional wines are a wonderful compliment to the food and the atmosphere is delightful.  

    Rancho El Tule
    Rancho El Tule might not look like much but they history alone makes this a must stop before we call it a trip.   Less than 4 miles from Horsepower Ranch, winding trails from Ojos Negros end at El Tule and breathtaking views of Ensenada below make it great spot catch a Baja sunset - close enough to see the city but far enough removed.