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    Is the cost of The Legends Rally per person or per UTV?
    Legends Rally entry is a per person cost.  

    Is there a minimum age for Legends Rally drivers/participants?
    Drivers must be 16.  There is not a minimum age for participants but minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

    Are there vehicles available to rent for the Legends Rally?
    Yes.  We have Polaris RZR's available for rental!   Click here for more information.

    Will there be an EMT with us on the trial?
    Yes.  One American EMT with a full medical kit is staffed for all of our adventure tours to address any potential emergencies. 

    Will I have my own room at Horsepower Ranch and other hotels?
    Guest must sleep two people to a room. So bring a friend!

    I am unfamiliar with crossing the border and navigating to Horsepower Ranch.  Can I cross with a guide and travel to Horsepower Ranch?
    Yes. Our guides will meet you at the designated location TBD on the US side of San Diego International Border Crossing to ensure a smooth, hassle-free border crossing and escort you directly to Horsepower Ranch.

    What do I need to bring to ensure an easy border crossing?
    Guest must provide vehicle, trailer and UTV DMV registration paperwork at time of crossing.  All participants entering Mexico must have a valid passport.

    Do I need additional Mexican Insurance?
    Yes, basic Mexican Insurance coverage must be purchased before entering Mexico.  You can get required insurance from our preferred provider - Baja-Mex Insurance Services, Inc. - online here: http://www.baja-mex.com

    Do I need to need to bring fuel?
    Do not bring fuel across the border.  You will be denied access to Mexico.  Do however cross with full gas tanks.

    Can I bring a vehicle other than a UTV for the ride?
    No.  This is a UTV event only.

    If I do not own a UTV can I still sign up to be a passenger?
    Yes.  We can arrange a passenger spot for you.

    Do I need to bring spare parts?
    Because of the demands of Baja, bring spares!  We recommend keeping a spare tire, belt, axel and tie rod with your vehicle at all times.  

    What happens if my UTV breaks down on the ride?
    Our chase support will assist in the event of any break down. Our sweep crews will fix your UTV or tow it back to Horsepower Ranch depending on the severity of mechanical issue.

    Fuel tanks....
    Absolutely NO loose gas tanks allowed in UTV’s. Our chase support has your fuel covered!