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    Come join some of the most famous off-road racing legends on a non-race pleasure ride exploring the stunning beauty of Baja, California!  

    Walker Evans

    Simply one of the best off-road drivers ever, Walker Evans would always captivate and dazzle the fans whenever he powered his desert truck to the start line.

    Throughout his thirty-five year career, he has been applauded for his exhilarating racing skills and his informal, gentlemanly manner.  Evans felt right at home in the cockpit of his race trucks – where his performances earned him the nickname, “The Legend”. It’s no wonder that this driver has become so admired and respected by so many.

    With 142 victories and 21 championship titles in short-course and desert racing events, Evans is one of the most accomplished competitors in the sport of off-road racing. Evans continues to compete and share his love with off-road racing culture the masses.

    Walker Evans led our October 6th-9th, 2017 participants on a ~350 mile off-road route.


    "Lightning" Larry Ragland

    Off-road racing legend “Lightning” Larry Ragland has had a long and illustrious career in off-road racing, having won every major off road race overall including The Baja 1000, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and The Mint 400.

    No other professional off-road racer is more revered among their peers than Larry Ragland.  He has more overall wins than any off-road racer in history.

    Credited with combining rally style driving into off-road racing, Larry is known for his extremely fast and smooth driving style sliding around corners right on the edge of disaster!  Hailing from Cave Creek, AZ Larry has become an avid UTV enthusiast putting over 10,000 miles on his RZR, mostly in Baja.

    Larry led the inaugural Legends Rally Pine Forest Loop UTV Ride - Lazo de Bosque de Piños -  in September of 2016.   


    Larry Roeseler

    Off-road racing legend, Larry Roeseler distinguished his career in off-road racing by his multiple Baja 1000 overall wins and he’s far from retiring.

    Known for his smooth and consistent driving style, Larry’s an icon in the sport of off-road racing. Revered by racers and fans alike, Larry started racing motorcycles and winning multiple races and championships. He then moved into four wheel off-road compiling an impressive resume, including 13 Baja 1000 overall wins and 12 Baja 500 overall wins.

    A pioneer of the sport, Larry is most known for his longevity as well as piloting the famed Terrible Herbst “Land Shark” Truggy. Larry still races and pre-runs frequently in his Polaris RZR.


    Ivan “Ironman” Stewart

    Ivan Stewart is the most famous off-road racer in history.

    His has won an astounding 17 Baja 500’s, 3 Baja 1000’s and a total of 84 off-road races.

    Whether you learned of him by playing his video game or watching him barrel through the desert his effect on american culture is undeniable.  Ivan has recently opened a Polaris RZR dealership “Ivan Stewart Motorsports” in Kearny Mesa.



    Bruce Meyers

    Bruce Meyers grew up in Southern California during the early days of surfing, drag racing, and hanging out at the beach. It was at Pismo Beach that Bruce first became acquainted with “dune buggies”. These “water pumpers” were crude and heavy, so Bruce took it upon himself to design a lightweight version that would be fun on the beach or in the wilderness of Baja. After modifying a VW Kombi bus with wide rims, called “Little Red Riding Bus”, Bruce used his expertise in boat building to design the first fiberglass-bodied dune buggy, the Meyers Manx.

    The performance of the Meyers Manx was amazing, especially off-road! It handled better than any other off-road vehicle ever had, and was so fun to drive due to its supple suspension and light weight. A pair of Meyers Manx’s won 39 out of 41 Slalom races and won its class in the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb beating Corvettes, Cobras, and most open wheel sprint cars! The very first Meyers Manx, “Old Red”, driven by Bruce and Ted Mangels, and beat the standing Tijuana to La Paz motorcyce record by over five hours, culminating in the first Baja off-road races. Meyers Manxes came in first overall and second in their class in the first official race, the Mexican 1000 in 1967. This started the off-road revolution and eventually Score’s Baja 1000 off-road race.