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    • Passport - Passports are required to cross the border. You MUST carry your passport on the rally. No exceptions.
    • DMV Registered Paperword for all trucks, trailers and UTV's - To cross the border and enter in to Mexico with your trucks, trailers and UTV's, you must have United States DMV registration papers to show to the border patrol agent.  
    • Mexican Insurance for all trucks, trailers and UTV'sYes, basic Mexican Insurance coverage must be purchased before entering Mexico.  You can get required insurance from our preferred provider - Baja-Mex Insurance Services, Inc. - online here: http://www.baja-mex.com
    • Water  - You must carry your own water supply in case of emergency. We will have water with chase crew and drinks will be provided at stops but you're going to be thirsty on the trail.
    • Safety Belts - A minimum of stock safety belts are required.
    • Helmets - Helmets are required in vehicle at all times.  You can purchase mandatory items online or some items may be available at Horsepower Ranch Speed Shop onsite. Stock fluctuates so call ahead to ensure we have what you need.
    • Fire extinguisher - Fire extinguishers must be on all vehicles.  


    • Race Radios - Race radios are recommended. We will be operating on Weatherman channel.
    • Aftermarket Cages - http://www.cagewrx.com
    • Upgraded Race Seats 
    • 5-point harness 
    • Spot tracker
    • GPS
    • Spare belt
    • Spare tire

    For more information on aftermarket upgrades, visit: http://www.utvunderground.com/how-to-go-utv-racing-34297.html



    • Weather proof light jacket 
    • Shoes that can get dirty and are good for driving
    • Warm fleece/jacket
    • Driving gloves
    • Clothing you can layer: long/short sleeved 
    • Shorts and comfortable pants
    • Hat and/or bandana 
    • Sunglasses 
    • Swimsuit & flip flops 


    • Passport -- MUST HAVE
    • Emergency contact information
    • Copy of passport (carried separate from passport)
    • Money (USD or Pesos) for souvenirs, alcohol, tips or unexpected expenditures.
    • Credit/ATM card or travelers checks for emergencies
    • Personal items: Toothbrush, shampoo, bar soap, medications/allergy medication
    • Sunblock, chapstick, lotion, aloe
    • Ear plugs 
    • Flashlight/head lamp
    • Toilet paper (emergencies happen!)