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    UTVUnderground and Horsepower Adventures have teamed up to bring you this exciting new style of off-road event series.  The Legends Rally is truly a one of a kind off-road experience.  Come join some of the most famous off-road racing legends and explore the stunning beauty of Baja, California, all while enjoying some of the best food and drink Baja has to offer.

    Horsepower Ranch Baja

    Each of the UTV rally events feature a unique route and offer a truly authentic culinary off-road experience with scenery that can only be found in Baja. For this next event, participants will stay at the famed Horsepower Ranch and the following night at the legendary off-road destination of Rancho Meling.  The culinary experience along the way will impress even the most seasoned travelers.

    Legends Rally

    “Our goal with this series is to preserve, celebrate and share the culture of off-roading. The Legends Rally format is designed to introduce new people to our culture in a fun, exciting and approachable way. UTVs offer the perfect platform to explore Baja and our group will provide a fun, safe environment to experience something special with friends, family and colleagues,” stated Mad Media CEO, Matt Martelli.

    Drew Deckman

    The Legends Rally launched its inaugural event September 23rd-25th, 2016 from Horsepower Ranch, and was led by off-road legend Larry Ragland. Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman, who is internationally known for his “slow food” philosophy of using locally sourced produce and meat, created the menu prepared by associate chef, Claudette Wilkins. 

    The Legends Rally

    “The beauty of Baja is really unparalleled in North America, and there’s no better way to experience it than in a UTV with friends and family,” stated Joey DiGiovanni, CEO and founder of UTVUnderground. “Once you get off the main roads you really get to see Baja’s majestic beaches, mountains, and forests, and of course the people and the food are spectacular!”

    Pine Forest Loop Baja

    Participants of this next event will travel in on Friday afternoon, ride all day on Saturday and Sunday, and head home on Monday (Columbus day).  The holiday weekend will allow even the busiest professional to fit this bite sized taste of Baja into their schedule. The event series is designed for UTV owners to bring their own vehicles but there is a limited amount of fully prepared rentals available from Horsepower Adventures with hassle-free trail support. Guides will again meet participants at the American border to ensure a smooth, hassle-free crossing in to Mexico and escort to Horsepower Ranch.

    Horsepower Adventures

    “We are thrilled to partner with UTVUnderground for The Legends Rally!" stated Todd Clement, President and Co-Founder of Horsepower Adventures. "We’ve been missing an entry point for new people to come learn about the off-road culture in Baja for quite some time. We’re really looking forward to sharing the stunning beauty and food of Baja."

    Space is limited for this exclusive off-road adventure and culinary experience, so don’t wait - register now!