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    Guadalupe Canyon Loop // May 4th-7th, 2018

    What: Lazo de Guadalupe Canyon
    When: May 4th-7th, 2018
    Honorary Legend: Larry Roeseler
    Mileage: ~250 miles

    ENTRY INCLUDES: All meals, fuel on both days of riding, hotel accommodations (Friday & Sunday), camping arrangements in Guadalupe Canyon (Saturday), Legends Rally merchandise, photography & video, chase & mechanical support, and medical support.

    Food includes dinner at Deckman's in Guadalupe Valley outside of Ensenada and La Cava de Marcelo in Ojos Negros.  

    “You know I love Baja,” said Roeseler.  “Cañón De Guadalupe and the hot springs are just an awesome place to camp at and explore.  This country has so many beautiful places that we typically go by at 100mph, so to be able to do a tour and just smell the roses is awesome. I’m excited to show you some new stuff on The Legends Rally.”

    In the middle of, what is now called Cañon de Guadalupe; a lush oasis emerged with beautiful waterfalls, healing mineral hot prings, refreshing natural swimming pools and magnificent palm trees. Guadalupe Canyon was a paradise in its most natural form, complete with the historical rupestrian paintings from the Cucapa tribes which were the last known natives of the area.

    The year was 1867. During an expedition exploring the Pacific Baja California Peninsula with family and fellow cattle ranchers, Don Guadalupe Loya Arce, a highly regarded cattle dealer, discovered a natural desert paradise.  Passed on form generation to generation and after many decades of hard work and dedication, Don Jose Loya’s sons continue the legacy of promoting the canyon as one of the jewels of Baja California.

    The family is proud to offer the favorite getaway for Mexican families and the thousands of visitors that come every year to enjoy this natural desert paradise.  Join the Legends Rally May 4th-7th on the first ever Guadalupe Canyon Loop.  Participants will travel in on Friday, May 4th and travel out Monday, May 7th.  

    For this event, we will explore the most epic trails between Horsepower Ranch and mountains west of San Felipe, all while eating and drinking in typical Legends Rally fashion.  On day 1, we will ride from Horsepower Ranch to Ojos Negros, then straight north to the treacherous Rumorosa Grade.  Once at the bottom of Rumorosa, we will head East around the mountains then straight South to our end destination of Guadalupe Canyon.  

    Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman will prepare Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning brunch in Guadalupe Canyon.  Participants will arrive to Guadalupe Canyon with camping accommodations waiting for them. 

    On Day 2, we will once again pass over the mountains on a new trail just pre-ran with legend, Larry Roeseler.  This trail provides some of the most epic views on the ride.  Once on the other side, we'll head to Laguna Hanson for a quick photo op before dinner at La Cava de Marcelo.  From there, it's one last stop at Rancho El Tule for epic sunset views 5 miles back to the city of Ensenada.  The Guadalupe Canyon Legends Rally will conclude with a party at Horsepower Ranch.