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    Located just below the pines, at the base of the Sierra San Pedro Martir Mountains, Rancho Meling is ideally situated for the off-road explorer. This is the last stop before entering some of the most inaccessible and least traveled areas of Baja Norte. The 10,000 acre cattle ranch has been in the Meling family for over 110 years with David Lang and his wife Sandra Meling being the proprietors since 2004.  

    The ranch offers travelers a break from the harsh desert climate with clean comfortable rooms, garden areas and a dining hall were guest can enjoy authentic ranch style food. 


    There is an abundance of wildlife in the area including deer, bobcats, quail, rabbits, pumas, coyotes and many more wild animals that live here. Rancho Meling is also a great place to stay for those planning to visit the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park. The National Astronomical Observatory is located at the at 10,000ft summit.