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    What: Legends Rally Pine Forest Loop UTV Ride - Lazo de Bosque de Piños
    Where: Horsepower Ranch, Ensenada, MX
    When: September 23rd-25th
    Who: Come ride with Off-Road legend Larry Ragland through the stunning beauty of Baja
    Featured Chef: Menu by Drew Deckman, Deckman's en el Mogor | Experience led by associate chef, Claudette Wilkins
    Featured Sommelier: Aldo Santini Jr.
    Riding Mileage: 150 miles
    Cost: $1,500 per person (Includes, food, hotel and rally)


    About Lazo de Bosque de Piños
    This small ecoregion is located in two important mountain ranges in the state of Baja California, Mexico: the Sierra de Juarez and the Sierra de San Pedro Martir. The inaccessibility of the mountains has kept much of this regions habitat intact, however increasing value of timber is a serious threat to this pine forest. Not only are pine trees diverse in this region, but the forests of north Baja California constitute the only habitat in Mexico for the species Pinus contorta murrayana. Many of the trees are 80-250 years old.

    Pine Forest Loop Baja

    Altitudes range between 3,600-9,200ft. This area is rich in biodiversity and provides habitat for the threatened bald eagle and California condor. The granitic mountains of Juarez and San Pedro Martir have young rocky soils and are poorly developed, shallow, and low in organic matter. Greater than average rainfall cause this ecoregion to have a more Mediterranean climate. This is one of the few places within Mexico where this occurs, and a number of endemic flora species are found here.