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     Horsepower Ranch —> Ojos Negros —> Tres Hermanos —> MD Vinos —> Santo Tomas —>  Erendira —> Punta Colonet —> Camalu 

    Day 1 will begin at Horsepower Ranch, just outside Ensenada.  After breakfast we will hit the trails just a couple miles from the ranch. As we rally our way slightly east near Ojos Negros, we will cut back towards the Pacific Ocean through the iconic, heavily raced, Tres Hermanos.  Lunch will be served at the beautiful MD Vinos before we head to the beach via Santo Tomas, Erendira and Punta Colonet.   After more than 40 miles on the coast, we will reach Camalu.

    Horsepower Ranch
    Welcome to the iconic Horsepower Ranch located in the beautiful San Juanito mountains above Ensenada, Mexico. The 100 acre oasis sits 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean, comfortably tucked in rolling hills and surrounded by majestic oak trees. With mild winters and summer temperatures cooled by crisp ocean breezes, Horsepower Ranch is a retreat that guests visit year around.  Click here for more info on Horsepower Ranch.

    Ojos Negros
    About 45 minutes east of Ensenada, the green pastures and friendly town are all that appear to remain of the gold rush days that once made this area the first capitol of the state of Baja.  But hidden amongst this quaint valley are some true culinary gems.  Grazing cattle, homemade cheese, goods wines and fresh produce make Ojos Negros an amazing destination for a quality food experience.  On Day 2, participants will have an early dinner at La Cava de Marcelo (Cava de Queso).  

    Tres Hermanos
    An iconic route for many Baja race courses, this scenic part of the route bypasses the sprawling city of Ensenada to get over to the coast and avoid pavement.  Off-road races have been won and lost along this section of the course.  Just past Tres Hermanos is a stunning mountain top view before you ascend down in to Ejido Uruapan.  Though we'll be hitting this spot in the morning, the view will be just as stunning!

    MD Vinos
    To the south of Ensenada in Ejido Uruapan, MD Vinos is located at the foothills of Valle de la Grulla.  In 2006, Manuel Delgado and his family entered the world of winemaking with the MD Vinos project.  After some hard work and a lot of patience they were able to grow the crop that gave birth to their first varietal wines -- Sauvignon and Syrah Cabernet, and an assemblage of Tempranillo and Grenache.  Today the MD Vinos family has nine labels and offers a Napa style setting for enjoying wine tastings and excellent cuisine.  On Day 1, we will have lunch at MD and enjoy a feast prepared by the winery.

    Santo Tomas
    Originally the site of the Mision Santo Tomas de Aquino, Santo Tomas is a small town commonly used as a fuel stop before entering the coastal mountains to the west.  The region is prime for growing grapes and has been producing wine since 1791.

    Just past the surf breaks of Punta San Jose and Punta Cabras, Ejido Erendira sits at the mouth of a river that empties into the Pacific Ocean.  One of the small settlements along this part of the route that has more than a couple buildings.

    Punta Colonet
    This area of the Baja coast is well known for agriculture and fishing.  Punta Colonet is a beautiful, unspoiled area where agriculture fields meet the waves of the ocean. The point, nearby town, bay, and cape are all named after Captain James Colnett, a British sea captain who explored this section of the coast in the late 1700's.  Seen above, there are some pretty gnarly silt beds in this area!

    About 20 miles south of Colonet is the town of Camalu.  The economy here is based primarily on agriculture and world class fishing is common along this entire stretch of coastline.