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    Matt Martelli
    Matt Martelli has been going to Baja since he was 13 years old and has been exploring her secrets ever since. Driven by the idea of sharing his experiences with others, Matt has been the primary catalyst in launching The Legends Rally series as a way to introduce new enthusiast to off-road culture as well as some of the “Legends” of off-road racing. Influenced by the recent explosion of the food and wine culture of Guadalupe Valley, Matt sought to integrate the food experience of Mexico with his passion for off-road with the Legends Rally.

    Kilian Hamlin

    Between producing film shoots and chasing races, Kilian Hamlin has enough off-road experience in Baja to be considered dangerous.  What started as a summer job in 2010 quickly morphed in to a career born from his passion for the desert and exploring the earth.  From producing large events like The Mint 400, Kilian has a unique ability to curate and tailor quality off-road experiences for new enthusiasts and veterans alike.



    Israel Stone

    "Izzy" has been coming down to Baja to surf for almost 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the peninsula. Part of the inaugural Legends Rally event, he has found a renewed passion for traveling Baja in off-road vehicles. Fishing, camping and uncrowded waves have always been good reasons for him to head south but with capability of the UTV the possibilities are endless.