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    Joseph "Joey D" DiGiovanni
    Joseph "Joey D" DiGiovanni is the founder and CEO of UTVUnderground.com, the global leader in UTV racing culture. Joey has traveled all over the world riding UTV’s in every type of terrain from mud to rocks to desert. Driven by his passion to share off-road culture via the UTV platform, Joey loves to lead rides in the stunning beauty of Baja.

    Todd Clement
    Todd Clement is essentially the pied piper of off-road. He has brought more people into the culture of off-road than any other single person via his previous adventure tour company. Re-ignited by the advent of the UTV platform, Todd has once again begun sharing his passion for off-road, explorations, and Baja with the world through Horsepower Adventures and The Legends Rally. Founder of the Horsepower Ranch, Todd intended it to be the vatican of off-road, as the ranch’s Cantina is decorated with the deepest collection of off-road paraphernalia.

    Matt Martelli
    Matt Martelli has been going to Baja since he was 13 years old and has been exploring her secrets ever since. An off-road racer and promoter, Matt and his brother Josh own the legendary Mint 400. Driven by the idea of sharing his experiences with others, Matt has been the primary catalyst in launching The Legends Rally series as a way to introduce new enthusiast to off-road culture as well as some of the “Legends” of off-road racing. Influenced by the recent explosion of the food and wine culture of Guadalupe Valley, Matt sought to integrate the food experience of Mexico with his passion for off-road with the Legends Rally.

    Kent Kroeker
    Kent Kroeker lives and breathes off-road, logging thousand upon thousands of miles in Baja both racing and pre-running. He is an experienced leader, entrepreneur, Champion Off-Road Racer and decorated United States Marine. Kent has won the Baja 1000 three times and has several wins at the Baja 500 and San Felipe 250. When he is not competing in off-road racing, he is running his company KORE, which sells ultra high performance, award-winning suspension components worldwide. You will be hard pressed to find anybody more qualified to lead off-road adventure expeditions then Kent. 

    Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson. Veteran guide with detailed knowledge of the peninsula. Entrepreneur. Hospitality Expert. Adventure Consultant. Surfer. Spearfisher. Musician. Husband/Father. Ryan has literally guided hundreds of tours in Baja and Nevada over the past 12 years and has podium in the Baja 500 and won The Mint 400 in Class 5500.

    Chad Ragland
    Chad is a second generation off-road racer who has driven everything from Trophy Trucks to Class 11 cars (VW bugs). He grew up going to Baja with his father, off-road racing legend Larry Ragland. Chad owns and operates CageWrx, an aftermarket UTV company that builds some of the best products in the business. When Chad isn’t in a car, he is usually on a motorcycle.

    Tony Vanillo
    Tony Vanillo has more than 35 years of experience in automotive and motorsports event management and track building.  His family has been intricately involved in the motorsports event industry for more than 10 years. Prior to forming his own company Off-Road Management Group, Tony's team handled all track, competitor and safety logistics for the Championship Off Road Racing Series (CORR) from 2005 until 2008, when the series ended. Following the end of the CORR series, Tony and family formed what would become the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, bringing the series to Lucas Oil in 2009 and managing all series operations and track builds until 2012 when OMG was formed.