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    Having grown in my family’s restaurant was a true catalyst to my career choice. The early years in my career working and learning from the best chefs in San Diego. Spending 7 years in pastries and working with Jack fisher, Gavin Kaysen, Christian Graves and the Cooks Confab helped develop me as a well rounded chef. I spent the majority of my time in 2014 traveling and working with Brandon Baltzley and his project TMIP in Michigan City, IN. Most notable was my time in Marrakech, where the people and the food evoked truly a soulful experience. The food was similar to the food I grew up with in Mexico, full utilization of the animal and warm flavors.

    When I returned from that trip, I was undoubtedly confident in the fact that I wanted to dig into my roots with Mexican cuisine. In early 2015 I joined Chef Javier Plascencia and his much anticipated project Bracero at the helm as Chef De Cuisine. Sharing my kitchen and cooking with amazing Chef’s like, Carlos Salgado, Rick Bayless, Ray Garcia, Trey Foshee, Ned Elliott. Receiving the Semi Finalist nomination from the James Beard Foundation for Best New Restaurant was an amazing achievement of the work the team put in daily. My philosophy in cooking unapologetic food and staying true to the flavors and ingredients I use. 2016 kicked off with the Crux Rust Belt Tour cooking alongside Brandon Baltzey, Laura Higgings-Baltzley, Pat Shering, Kyle Paton and so many more. Driving from Chicago to Pittsburgh and finishing in Ontario, Canada. Currently traveling for pop up and guest chef spots in restaurants in the East Coast / Canada cooking the food of Cali-Baja and spending my weekends cooking In the Guadalupe Valley.