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    News — legends rally

    Sal Fish Announced as Honorary Legend for Legends Rally Sea to Sky September 25-29th 2019

    Sal Fish Announced as Honorary Legend for Legends Rally Sea to Sky September 25-29th 2019

    Sal Fish Photo Above: Boyd Jaynes

    Announced today, the “Godfather” of off-road racing, Sal Fish, will join The Legends Rally as our honorary legend for the upcoming Legends Rally Sea to Sky. Mr. Fish was CEO/President of SCORE-International for over 40 years, building off-road racing from an obscure form of motorsport into a global culture.

    Sal started his entrepreneurial career in desert racing in 1973 when the late Mickey Thompson, founder of SCORE International, recruited him. Sal brought innovation to SCORE, organizing class rules, implementing safety procedures, and transforming the Baja 1000 into one of the most recognized motorsports events in the world today.

    “There’s simply no other person on the planet who’s done more for the sport of off-road racing as Sal Fish,” said Legends Rally CEO, Matt Martelli. “Sal is a visionary. I have learned a lot from him over the years and I’m beyond excited for him to share his knowledge and stories with our participants.”

    “Baja is magical. Most of my lifetime has been spent sharing its magic with others and I am looking forward to sharing it with Legends Rally participants,” said former CEO/President of SCORE-International, Sal Fish.

    CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR ENTRY NOW or call Izzy at (760) 828-2938.

    This September 25th-29th, Sal will share and his love Baja and fine tequilas with Legends Rally participants, over a 400+ mile, three day journey through Baja, California. Named Sea to Sky, the September ride will begin at the famed Horsepower Ranch outside of Ensenada and make its way to the beautiful Baja coastline, offering participants an experience only possible in Baja.

    What: Legends Rally Sea to Sky
    When: September 25-29th 2019
    Honorary Legend: Sal Fish
    Mileage: ~400 miles over 3 days

    Click here for more information on the ride.